Week in Review – Week 1 – 1/1/17-7/1/17

This week has been really slow step wise, Monday was a bank holiday and I really didn’t do much, for me it was a day of reading and relaxing.  Tuesday I was back in work and had plans to start getting out at lunch times again but with one thing and another I didn’t manage that this week.  My best days, step wise were Friday and Saturday this week, Friday was because I went shopping and did some housework and Saturday for similar reasons.  None of my days took me up to 10000 steps though, however once I introduce my afternoon walks back into my routine I should be getting close to my targets!  This week I hit a grand total of 37908 steps, just over half way to my weekly target of 70000 steps.

My plans for the coming week are to get out at lunch times and maybe mixing up my walking route with Roxy and going for longer walks with her.


Types Of Walker

There are lots of different kinds of walker from the beginner, intermediate and advanced, to hobbiest walker and serious expert walker, for me thought, there will only be three kinds of walker, all defined by speed, because, to me, it isn’t about how experienced or inexperienced you are –mountains conquered and paths taken don’t matter as much as knowledge and safety in my eyes, its always been about speed with me.  So here are my Three Types of Walker…

·         Slow And Steady –  the one that is always at the back of a group, being called to “hurry up” but taking their time, neither slowing or speeding up but always keeping a steady pace.  This is the one that takes in most of the surroundings and enjoys the views and sees things that others may miss, and the one that is happy by themselves and a bit of a dreamer and wanderer.

·         Ambler Rambler – the one that is in the middle of the group, neither bringing up the rear or leading the front but flitting between both, the one that likes to chat and know what is going on.  This is the one that will probably pack a flask of tea and enough sandwiches to feed the group.  When out on their own, walks with purpose and determination.  Tries to get along with everyone and help out wherever possible.

·         Speed Walker – Always at the front, steering the group along new routes, head held high and proud.  Walks with speed but doesn’t forget the rest of the group, quiet and thoughtful, makes observances but doesn’t always notice the surroundings.  When walking alone this person likes to get from A to B as quickly as possible.  Can be a bit strict and plans the walk with precision (including rest stops) in military fashion but it means that you always know exactly where you are both physically and figuratively speaking!

I class myself as a “Slow And Steady” walker, I like to look for things and see what I can find and am always noticing little things like berries on bushes, flowers coming into bloom, the appearance of mushrooms or birds in the trees.  I like getting lost in the landscape and daydreaming about who may have walked the paths in previous times gone by.  What type of walker are you?

So, how far did I step slow and steady yesterday?


As you may have read recently, I have not been too well, I have had a niggling cold for a while and yesterday I felt achy all day and really tired so I didn’t hit my 10,000 step target overall, however I did fit in 100 mins of housework which converts into approximately 7500 steps, so in theory I did over 10,000 steps (14,676 in total!)