Week in Review – Week 1 – 1/1/17-7/1/17

This week has been really slow step wise, Monday was a bank holiday and I really didn’t do much, for me it was a day of reading and relaxing.  Tuesday I was back in work and had plans to start getting out at lunch times again but with one thing and another I didn’t manage that this week.  My best days, step wise were Friday and Saturday this week, Friday was because I went shopping and did some housework and Saturday for similar reasons.  None of my days took me up to 10000 steps though, however once I introduce my afternoon walks back into my routine I should be getting close to my targets!  This week I hit a grand total of 37908 steps, just over half way to my weekly target of 70000 steps.

My plans for the coming week are to get out at lunch times and maybe mixing up my walking route with Roxy and going for longer walks with her.