Week 6 – 5/2/17 – 11/2/17

Last week I challenged myself to beat the previous weeks stat total which I have actually managed!  This weeks stats are 47405 total steps, nearly a whole days worth of steps more than last week!  Monday and Friday were my best days when my steps nearly hit 10000!  I have been trying to find ways of sneaking in extra steps which has really helped – using the toilet in work on the 3rd floor instead of the ones on the same floor as my office, parking further down the car park so I have to walk a bit further to and from my office, doing the tea run in work, pacing when on the phone and when waiting for things to cook…basically seizing any opportunity to move around!

This week I am aiming to better this score again, I averaged around 6772 steps per day last week, aiming for 7000 steps per day this week.  And now the evenings are getting lighter there is more opportunity to get out for a bit longer with Roxy so that should help me hit my target!

What was your total last week?  What are your aims this week?


Week 6 Review

This past week (5th Oct – 11th Oct) I have covered 22.5miles and taken 58350 steps in total.  I thought I was going to be more down in my steps from last week’s total but there is a difference of only 3980 steps which isn’t too bad.  This week I have only hit my target of 10,000 steps each day 3 times but I have also been to visit my parents and best friend in the week, and there was one day where I didn’t go for my lunch time walk.

Yesterday I had planned on going for a long walk with Roxy but had to make alternate walking plans because of some odd people dressing as clowns to scare people, being on my own I decided to walk through the housing estate to be on the safe side but Roxy and I had a bit of a scare with some dogs that were loose.  To cut a long story short, we were walking by some houses and 2 large dogs came out of a gate and started to circle us, hackles up and snarling.  I started shouting at the dogs to scare them away, Roxy started making whining noises (not sure if it was because I had scared her or she was scared of these dogs…) this went on for 10 mins before the owner came and got the dogs away but didn’t bother to apologize or see if we were ok.  By this point both Roxy and I were shaken up so I decided to just go home which cut our walk short.  So, here is another piece of advice, if strange dogs come up to you make as much noise as possible, keep your eye on the dog or dogs as best you can and walk away slowly.

So, with that story out of the way, how did last night’s steps fair up?


I wasn’t far off!!!!  🙂