Week In Review – Week 5 -29/1/17 -4/2/17

My weekly stats are still improving, this week I have taken a total of 42178 steps, an average of 6025 a day which is really not that far off my goal of 10000 steps per day!  I didn’t quite hit the target I was hoping for of 7000 steps a day but getting close isn’t so bad and I am really pleased that I have improved on last weeks step total and am hoping to continue moving my stats in the right direction.  Yesterday (Saturday) was my best day for steps and I achieved a total of 11031 without really trying or thinking about it too much, this was probably down to good weather and going out for a walk from my house to the local sorting office to pick up a parcel with Roxy, and then later my partner and I went to a local town for a walk around and some food out.

This week I am aiming to reach or better 7000 steps a day and by this time next week I hope to be reporting that I have bettered my weekly stats again!

What are your goals for the week?  Did you improve on last weeks stats?


Week 5 Overview

This week’s stats run from the end of September where I was still undertaking my Walk All Over Cancer, 10000 Step A Day Challenge, 28th September to 4th October. In that time I took a total of 40997 steps, travelled a total of 23.6 miles or 37.98kms. I have had a few days where I have not hit 10,000 steps a day (Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday) but that was down to having a few days off post challenge and catching up with things I have missed out on during the challenge!

I have found that on the days where I have missed hitting 10,000 steps I have been really conscious that I wasn’t going to meet the target and did, at the end of the day, go to bed feeling a bit let down at myself, however I have substituted walking with housework and other things which I do not count towards my step goal.

This week coming I am going to try and hit 10,000 steps as often as I can but I know there will be days where this may not be possible, like when I go to visit my friends and family and it may not be suitable to walk there and back. I have started a lunch time walking routine with a friend and we now often go out at lunch time for a half hour walk around the estate. This has been really fun as we get to chat and have a catch up, I feel more positive when I return to my desk and more alert and I am hitting around 5,000 steps by 2pm. Hitting this target by the afternoon means that I have less steps to cover when I get home, and as the nights are drawing in and its getting darker sooner I don’t need to be out late to get to my goal, which means I am home and safe before darkness hits. All in all this is a winner for the winter months!

Now for yesterdays stats… Did I hit 10,000 steps?


I didn’t 😦 I got up and went to work, went for a walk at lunch and then went to my parents for tea.  I was actually surprised that I got to 5000 steps as I was not expecting to even clear 3500!