What’s Planned for this Month

Here’s a look at some of the posts coming up on the blog for this month!

  • The Environment – This month’s post will be looking at rubbish or to be more precise, disposables such as straws, cotton buds, take away cups and containers.
  • Food for Walkers – Will be giving you some ideas and a recipe for Perfect Pastas, an ideal food for walkers as it can be eaten hot after a walk, or cold as part of a picnic while on a walk.
  • Best Mini First Aid Kits
  • Look Back to Jan will be going over my stats for the month, thoughts and feelings about January, lessons learned and goal setting for February
  • Fun Things To Do On Walks With Kids or Friends will be focusing on treasure hunts, from setting up a treasure hunt to good old fashioned scavenger hunts.
  • New Walking Route/Place I have Explored on Foot
  • The Health section will be talking about Rest Days and their Importance, and things to help you relax and unwind on Rest Days.
  • Look Out For will be giving you ideas of things to keep an eye out for on your walks this month.
  • Poems/Stories about the landscape/walking will be looking at a poem about spring.
  • Fun Facts Friday will be back this month with some fun facts about Spring
  • News Stories/People Fundraising etc
  • On the Nature Table post I will be sharing images of things I have found on my walks and other nature finds.
  • The Importance Of Hydration – Why keeping your fluid intake up is good for you
  • The Art post will be taking a look at artists working within, and with the landscape.
  • History Packed Walks will be sharing the history around one of the walking routes in Wales.
  • Spring Walks – Places to go for walks in Spring
  • This Month’s Walks In Pictures post will have an array of images taken on walks this month for you to see.


Week In Review – Week 4 -22/1/17 -28/1/17

Well, I did it!  I beat last weeks stat total of 33249 and hit a new weekly personal best of 40492, an average of 5785 steps a day.  I’m slowly easing myself back into the swing of things and while I’m still not where I want to be I’m glad that I am making a progress of sorts step wise and moving in the right direction!  I have spoken about having an appointment with the Dr on Friday in last weeks Week In Review post, and have a low functioning thyroid so have been prescribed Thyroxine which should help with my tiredness and energy levels – I started taking them yesterday so we will see how they help.

This week I am aiming to average around 7000 steps each day (I managed 2 days last week of nearly 8000 steps) which should be achievable!  I think that the evenings getting lighter will help me to achieve this as I can take Roxy out for a bit longer when I get home from work now as I seem to have more evening now that has started happening!

What are your walking plans for the week?  What goals are you setting yourself?  And what have you achieved this past week?

New Year, New Start!

Welcome back to my blog!  I have been in a process of planning my posts for the year since I left you in 2016.  I said before that I had never planned to write this blog for more than the month of September 2016 when I took on the Cancer Research 10,000 Step A Day Challenge – Walk All Over Cancer, but I really enjoyed the challenge and writing about it day to day, sharing my daily steps and places I had been along with photos that I had taken.  I struggled by the middle of October to write much as I didn’t have a structure in place and was writing from day to day but this year I now have a structure in place and a topic to write about nearly every day so I shouldn’t struggle too much, I am also attempting to pre-write as many blog posts as I can and then add in other details and photos before publishing for you all to read!  I will be introducing themed posts which will re-occur through the year and will be introducing these as I post them for the first time!  In all, I am pretty excited about how this New Year is going to shape up!

Now, aside from looking back in terms of the blog, I feel that I should look back at my steps and how I have done in the last quarter of 2016…I was ill for a while in October/November which put a dent into how active I was, which coupled with the dark nights and cold I really struggled to hit 10,000 steps each day, on average I was hitting around 6,000 steps which I found disappointing.  However, that said, I felt that I wasn’t well enough to push each day for 10,000 steps while I was ill, or risk my personal safety by walking around in the dark after work (the street lighting near where I live is a bit hit and miss at the best of times), I hadn’t thought about, or factored in the dark nights and how it would affect my steps at the time.  I did start going out for a half hour walk at lunch time though which was a really positive move – it got me away from my desk and out into the fresh air, woke me up and when I returned to my desk after lunch I felt revived and refreshed.  My lunchtime walk is something that I am keen to continue for much of this year if I can, the difference it makes to my mental state is really good.

I also want to explore more places; I’m already planning my summer holidays around walking plans!  But even in my local area, there are places I am keen to explore so long as the weather and daylight are reasonable!  It won’t be long now til the evenings start to get longer and I can venture further!  I’d also like to plan some weekend walks with my partner and take a picnic somewhere and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.  Part of my biggest challenge with activity and steps is on the weekend where all I seem to do is do housework, food shop and spend time in the house, this is something that needs to change so going for a walk with a picnic seems like a good plan!

I’m really looking forward to planning walks and activities, taking photos of where I have been and what I have seen and blogging about it all!

Don’t forget that I now have an instagram for sharing my steps per day too, and other sneak peeks of what I’m doing, you can find me over at @tenthousandsteps2016