Fun Facts Friday

Today’s Fun Facts Friday post is looking at steps and stats!

How many steps could you walk a day?

On a day to day basis you have a possible 24 hours to take your steps, theoretically 8 of those should be rest hours, so for that lets deduct 8 from 24 which leaves us with 16 possible walking hours.  You can probably cover 100 steps a minute at a normal walking pace (not so fast that you are out of breath, or too slow that it could be classed as dawdling!) This means that you can cover 6000 steps in an hour.  So, theoretically, if you walked for 16 hours then you could take 96000.  This sounds really impressive but is based on taking the same number of steps for the total amount of time which is not really possible, we humans can tire easily!  The calculation does not take into account the terrain or whether it is up hill or downhill, and unless you walk on a treadmill you will be changing speed due to the terrain.  And lastly, the calculation does not take into account comfort stops (re-fueling, drinks, rest or toilet breaks).

What is the measurement of a step?

Your step measurement is different from person to person and will depend on how tall or short you are, taller people tend to have longer legs and therefore, longer strides.  To find your step measurement you will need to mark out 30ft on level ground and count your steps from one end to the other then divide 30 by your step count.  This will give you your step measurement. (You may want to do this 2 or 3 times and then work out the average of the readings).

How can I get to 10000 steps easily?

I’ll share with you a method that I have been using recently to try and reach my 10000 step a day goal 🙂  Its fairly easy and most people should be able to utilize this method regardless of job or activity/fitness levels.

I base this on 16 hours of the day…

In 16 hours I want to be hitting around 10000 steps which means in

8 I should be hitting around 5000,

I should be hitting 2500 in 4 hours

1200 in 2 hours

or 600 an 1 hour.  If you can attempt 600 an hour then you are well on your way to hitting 10000 steps!  🙂

How many steps would it take to get from earth to the moon?

It would take around 478000000 (thats 478 million steps) and would take around 79619 hours (nearly 10 years of continuous walking!) ( )


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