Rest Days and Their Importance

Rest days are really important for your body, they help your body recover, heal and recuperate as well as letting the salts and minerals that your body has used return to normal levels.

When you exercise you cause micro tears in your muscles which need time to repair themselves, not resting can cause your muscles to not repair properly and can cause health implications down the line.

I try to have at least one rest day a week when I am hitting a step target of 9000 + steps a day as I have found that the following week, if I don’t have a rest day hitting my target can be a lot harder and maintaining my targets through the week is nearly impossible. My motivation wains and dips, as do my energy levels which leaves me feeling a bit like a low battery that still has a bit of power but not nearly enough to keep everything running at optimum speeds.

One of the best ways I have found to rest and recuperate is to have a hot bath after exercise, keep hydrated with either water or a sports drink that has vital salts and electrolytes in it and take it easy for a few days. Listen to your body, of you have any aches and pains then rest for a bit longer before starting on your path again.


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