What’s Planned for this Month

Here’s a look at some of the posts coming up on the blog for this month!

  • The Environment – This month’s post will be looking at rubbish or to be more precise, disposables such as straws, cotton buds, take away cups and containers.
  • Food for Walkers – Will be giving you some ideas and a recipe for Perfect Pastas, an ideal food for walkers as it can be eaten hot after a walk, or cold as part of a picnic while on a walk.
  • Best Mini First Aid Kits
  • Look Back to Jan will be going over my stats for the month, thoughts and feelings about January, lessons learned and goal setting for February
  • Fun Things To Do On Walks With Kids or Friends will be focusing on treasure hunts, from setting up a treasure hunt to good old fashioned scavenger hunts.
  • New Walking Route/Place I have Explored on Foot
  • The Health section will be talking about Rest Days and their Importance, and things to help you relax and unwind on Rest Days.
  • Look Out For will be giving you ideas of things to keep an eye out for on your walks this month.
  • Poems/Stories about the landscape/walking will be looking at a poem about spring.
  • Fun Facts Friday will be back this month with some fun facts about Spring
  • News Stories/People Fundraising etc
  • On the Nature Table post I will be sharing images of things I have found on my walks and other nature finds.
  • The Importance Of Hydration – Why keeping your fluid intake up is good for you
  • The Art post will be taking a look at artists working within, and with the landscape.
  • History Packed Walks will be sharing the history around one of the walking routes in Wales.
  • Spring Walks – Places to go for walks in Spring
  • This Month’s Walks In Pictures post will have an array of images taken on walks this month for you to see.


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