Spring Walking Kit

It’s around this time of the season, when it’s still winter but there are hints of Spring in the air – the evenings starting to get lighter, bulbs starting to break through the soil and buds appearing on trees, that I start to look at my walking kit and thinking about the kit I would like for the new season.

This is a bit of a wish list for me but the items I am starting to think about are

  • A dual season jacket, one that has a waterproof outer and a fleece inner that can be detached and both items worn separately as well as together.  This type of jacket is then suitable for much of the spring’s unsettled weather, from win and damp, to warm but chilly, it will work for all occasions.
  • A pair of walking trousers with a water resistant coating as there is nothing worse that walking in dew laden grass and damp woodland and getting damp trousers which then invite the cold in and can be really uncomfortable.
  • New walking socks, long ones to keep out the chill and provide extra warmth when needed.
  • A new walking rucksack to carry snacks and a thermos of tea in as well as any kit that might be needed.
  • Ankle gaiters to keep the bugs out of trousers and stop any dirt and bits getting into boots.
  • A neck and head gaiter, a bit like a snood but made of t-shirt type material that is closer fitting and less bulky.

Things that need to be checked for wear are walking boots, and if needs be these should be added to the list to be replaced, I wrote a piece on choosing the right walking boots which can be found here

What’s on your Spring Walking Kit list?


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