Fun Facts Friday

This series gives fun facts about things which have been mentioned in the past months blog posts or interesting facts about walks that I have been on or have planned or facts linked by themes.

This months post looks at the theme of Winter through some fun questions and answers!

  • What is Hoar Frost?  And what is it named after?

Hoar Frost is a type of frost that forms when there is water in the air (humidity) and the temperature drops below freezing to individually turn the droplets into ice.  The name Hoar derives from Hair or Herr (in german – meaning hair) and has changed over time to become “hoar” which is fairly apt as a name as the structure of this frost looks like frozen hairs.

  • How is “winter” decided?

The first day of winter differs depending on whether you look at the astrological or meteorological definition.  Most calendars look at the meteorological definition in order to know the first day of winter.  The meteorological way of deciding the seasons is to split the year (1st Jan – 31st December) into 4 sections with each section being equal.  Therefore the winter that we know through the calendar start on 1st December and ends on 28th February.  The astrological version looks at the earths tilt and the equinox’s and solstice’s, which then gives winter as starting (this past year) on 21st December 2016 and ending on 19th March 2017 (see here for more info)

  • Whats the coldest winter ever recorded in the UK?

The winter of 1962/63 was one of the coldest on record with temperatures in some areas being recorded as -19.4f. (see here for more information)

  • Why do we get more mist and fog in the winter?

Mist and fog are created when warm and cold air mix causing condensation to form (water vapor) in the air.  Because of where we are situated as a land mass (UK) the mist and fog form easily in the winter months due to hot and cold air streams meeting over us. (see here for more information)


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