Look Out For

Another new addition to the blog!  This will be a monthly series and will outline things that you may find on your walks.  I decided o add this series into my blog as away to make walks more interesting, whether you are walking alone or with friends and family.  There is so much to see, not just on a season to season basis but month to month and week to week too.  There are lots of different things to see, as you will find in this series, whether it be things caused by weather, animals, plant life or anything else that may be of interest.  So, this month I am focusing on things you can “Look Out For” in January.

January may be cold and dark and feel like it stretches on for the longest time but it is also the month where you get to see some amazing things and notice others that hint at the warmer months to come.

First is the frost, not just any frost though, there is a type of frost called Hoar Frost (http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/reports/wxfacts/Hoar-Frost.htm ) which leaves a spiky frost in its wake.  The weather has been perfect for this kind of frost to form, the air is damp with water droplets and we have been experiencing freezing, clear nights which help the frost to form.  It is a really beautiful sight and there are some lovely images that can be captured in photographs.


Image from https://www.britannica.com/science/hoarfrost

January can also mean rain and mud and soft earth, this is perfect for spotting trails left by animals.  Footprints can be left by all manner of animals, from domesticated pets like dogs and cats, to wild animals such as foxes and badgers and birds.  See if you can spot any prints left by animals, what do you think they were made by? There are some useful identification charts available from HERE.

Walking through woodland or where trees and brambles grow can give really good indications of preparations being made for spring, buds will be forming ever so slowly to start, but if you look you will see signs of life starting to appear all around you!  Keep an eye out for greenery poking through the earth as well!

What have you noticed on your walks this January so far?


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