Recording Your Stats

I know that most activity trackers record your stats for a while on the app that it uses to link with your PC or mobile however I started to track my stats on a day to day basis externally of the app too.  I use excel to record my steps, miles/km traveled, minutes exercise undertaken (like when I have been on a walk) and record any extra factors that should be noted with regards to my step count such as not feeling well, visiting my parents, weather or if I have done housework or any other activity that may be mainly static so I can convert that into steps later.  I also color code the days steps so I can see at a glance where my good days and bad days are to see if there is any pattern in hitting or missing my targets.  I run a formula to add up a week’s worth of stats and a monthly stats total too so I can see at a glance where I need to improve.  Here is a version of my spreadsheet below….

I find it really useful to track my stats in order to see where the good and bad days are and what factors have stopped me from reaching my targets.  I know that my app collects a lot of the data but for me I like to be able to look at and add other bits that mean something to me.  There is no way for me to add in on my app that I did 45 mins of housework that equates to 3240 steps or that on a certain day I was ill and stayed home, or went out with friends for the evening and tracking this information externally of my app gives me a more rounded picture.  I like that the app offers me a snapshot of my day or week but sometimes its better to have the full picture.

Do you record your stats aside from in your tracker app?  What do you track and record?  What would you like to see added to the activity tracker app?


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