New Year, New Start!

Welcome back to my blog!  I have been in a process of planning my posts for the year since I left you in 2016.  I said before that I had never planned to write this blog for more than the month of September 2016 when I took on the Cancer Research 10,000 Step A Day Challenge – Walk All Over Cancer, but I really enjoyed the challenge and writing about it day to day, sharing my daily steps and places I had been along with photos that I had taken.  I struggled by the middle of October to write much as I didn’t have a structure in place and was writing from day to day but this year I now have a structure in place and a topic to write about nearly every day so I shouldn’t struggle too much, I am also attempting to pre-write as many blog posts as I can and then add in other details and photos before publishing for you all to read!  I will be introducing themed posts which will re-occur through the year and will be introducing these as I post them for the first time!  In all, I am pretty excited about how this New Year is going to shape up!

Now, aside from looking back in terms of the blog, I feel that I should look back at my steps and how I have done in the last quarter of 2016…I was ill for a while in October/November which put a dent into how active I was, which coupled with the dark nights and cold I really struggled to hit 10,000 steps each day, on average I was hitting around 6,000 steps which I found disappointing.  However, that said, I felt that I wasn’t well enough to push each day for 10,000 steps while I was ill, or risk my personal safety by walking around in the dark after work (the street lighting near where I live is a bit hit and miss at the best of times), I hadn’t thought about, or factored in the dark nights and how it would affect my steps at the time.  I did start going out for a half hour walk at lunch time though which was a really positive move – it got me away from my desk and out into the fresh air, woke me up and when I returned to my desk after lunch I felt revived and refreshed.  My lunchtime walk is something that I am keen to continue for much of this year if I can, the difference it makes to my mental state is really good.

I also want to explore more places; I’m already planning my summer holidays around walking plans!  But even in my local area, there are places I am keen to explore so long as the weather and daylight are reasonable!  It won’t be long now til the evenings start to get longer and I can venture further!  I’d also like to plan some weekend walks with my partner and take a picnic somewhere and enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors.  Part of my biggest challenge with activity and steps is on the weekend where all I seem to do is do housework, food shop and spend time in the house, this is something that needs to change so going for a walk with a picnic seems like a good plan!

I’m really looking forward to planning walks and activities, taking photos of where I have been and what I have seen and blogging about it all!

Don’t forget that I now have an instagram for sharing my steps per day too, and other sneak peeks of what I’m doing, you can find me over at @tenthousandsteps2016


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