Week 8 Overview

This past week I have been struggling with my health in general, after having the flu jab a week ago I have been run down with a cold that has seemed to get no better or worse but has zapped my energy levels and left me feeling really tired, achy and stuffed up which has had an impact on my walks and steps.  This past week (19 Oct – 25th Oct) I have taken 65422 steps (7500 of those was made up from 100 mins of housework) which is slightly more than the previous week.  I hit 10,000 steps 2 times but been under every day since.  I am not too worried about this though as I am giving my body a chance to recover and fight the germs I seem to have picked up along the way.  I don’t feel that it is beneficial to push yourself to achieve goals when you are ill as sometimes it can make you worse.  I have listened to my body and it has told me that resting up is the best course of action right now.

Anyway, on to yesterdays stats…how did I do?


I did better than I expected although I did manage to get out for a walk twice in the day as I felt a bit better than the previous days!


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