Walking, Weight Loss and Fitness

Weight loss seems to be written about everywhere right now along with people sharing the latest fad diets which can get a little boring to see and read, personally I am becoming super numbed to the whole diet and weight loss obsession which is probably not a good thing.  I believe that weight loss is not just linked to diet but to fitness levels too.

More and more people are leading lives that involve little to no exercise and more and more people are getting diagnosed as being obese or with Type 2 Diabetes (that is linked to diet and lifestyle) and I believe we can help to combat this epidemic by looking at our movement and fitness levels, not just what we eat.  To me it’s like movement, weight loss and fitness are all interlinked and one benefits the other.

There are lots of different exercise regimes out there, and lots of different types of exercise from resistance training, running, swimming and all manner of classes and gym activities you can take part in.  As you may know I started off with running which worked for me for a while until I developed knee problems which I think was down to the impact of my feet hitting the path and sending shock waves up my leg.  Running is not for everyone, I also didn’t consider my fitness levels which probably didn’t help.  Walking for me turned into the perfect substitute.

Walking is a low impact activity, and despite your fitness levels, nearly anyone can take part in walking.  And you can walk as fast or slow as you want, swing your arms to burn more calories and cover as much or as little ground as you want.  The main thing with walking for fitness and weight loss is to move more and burn more calories than you eat, or as the famous saying goes “move more, eat less”.  One really good way of making sure you move more and eat less is to log all that you consume*, from the moment you get up to the second you get to bed, log your food intake, use a pretty note pad, an app or any other means, but keep a tally.  At the same time log all of your activities*, including walking (aim for at least half an hour of brisk walking per day if you can), in the day and the timescale that they took, use this website to determine the calories burned and total them up.  Compare the two totals, is the figure for calories you have consumed higher than those burned? if so then you need to go for a longer walk, or take a further walk at a different time of the day.  If the figure for calories consumed is lower than calories burned you are on your way to starting to loose weight, now all you need to do is expand the difference between the numbers either by eating less and getting out more or doing both and try and maintain this as much as possible!  (*if you have a Fitbit or Jawbone or any of the new trackers you can log all of this through the tracker and the app for your phone).

And now for yesterdays stats, how did I do?


I didn’t hit 10,000 steps like I normally would on a monday, I had a hair appointment in the evening which meant I didn’t get out and about on my evening walks like I normally would have.


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