Types Of Map


There are several different kinds of maps and all can be used for different purposes, today’s blog is going to look at the differences between some of these maps and what they are most useful for.


Road Maps, like the kind produced by the AA are fab for finding your way from one city or town to another and showing which road to take.  This kind of map tends to only show roads, dual carriageways and motorways, rivers and canals.  They do not really show any great detail of streets or housing areas.  These maps are really useful for drivers who want to know how to get from A – C via B or the most direct route somewhere.  While I own several of these kinds of map I don’t tend to use them much at home, I prefer to use google maps to look at each part of my journey and plan routes and when I am driving I prefer to use my sat-nav than a map as I can never remember a series of directions!


A-Z’s or Street Maps are great for getting about in towns or cities.  They show the area in more detail than Road Maps, giving street names and places of interest such as parks or places of worship.  These are really useful if you are visiting an area and want to travel around the area a bit or find somewhere specific on a certain street.  I like using these when I am visiting a place and want to see where A is in relation to B and whether I can walk it or whether I should consider a different mode of transport.  They are really good to use to see where you are in relation to other points of interest.

img_8818                    img_8819img_8816



Now to my favorite types of maps OS Maps (or Ordnance Survey maps) these come in 2 different types – the Landranger series (with a pink band around the top) or Explorer (with the orange band around the top).  The first one we shall look at are Landranger maps.  This type of map is a lot more detailed than your average street map, road map, google map or sat-nav map which have been produced in 2D and are “flat” representations of the area.  Landranger (and Explorer maps), while still printed onto flat paper have the addition of graduation lines –  fine orange lines that join together to illustrate the incline or decline of the land – whether it is hilly or flat, the closer together the lines the steeper the climb and the further apart the flatter the land.  Landranger maps show 2 cm to every km, which is fairly detailed, you get to see path ways and bridal ways, points of interest and can navigate with them whether walking or driving.


Explorer maps show the area in much more detail again, using a scale of 1:25000, or 4cm to every km.  It shows the same things as the Landranger but still even more detail such as buildings, types of terrain and open access land.  These maps are by far my favorite and I tend to use them when I am planning a visit or a new walking route to explore.  Both the Landranger and Explorer maps come in a laminated version called Active Maps, which I find to be the best as they are hard wearing and can be chucked in your bag and used whether rain or shine without having to worry about the map getting wet or torn or damaged in any other way.

What’s your favorite type of map and why?

And now to yesterdays stats…how did I do?


I didn’t do too bad for a sunday – usually one of my more sedentary/lazy days!


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