Things to Look for on Your Walks

This is another series I am hoping to make a regular feature on my blog.  In this series I will be letting you know of things to keep an eye out for when you are out and about!

I’m sure you will have seen my photos of mushrooms that I have found on my walks and Im pleased to say that the mushroom season seems to be continuing.  I have lost count

ount of different types of mushroom or fungi that I have seen on my walks but its a lot!  I think that the mushroom season is continuing thanks to the warm, damp weather we have been experiencing and from the weather forecasts, though the temperature is starting to drop, in terms of temperature, its still warm for mushrooms to thrive.  The appearance of mist in the mornings has also helped by keeping the ground moist and damp, perfect for a mushroom to form.

The leaves on the trees are continuously changing color and falling at this time of the year, and they are all different shapes, sizes and tones.  Why not keep an eye out for both the biggest and smallest leaves?

Other things to look out for are seeds and nuts falling from trees, from hazelnuts and beech seeds to conkers and helicopter seeds (from the maple tree family!)  I have already found a sizeable collection of conkers and have placed them around my home – apparently they keep spiders away!

Here are some photos I took of things I have found this month on my walks!

And now for yesterdays stats…how did I do?


I didn’t do too bad for a Saturday!


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