Summer Walks Throwback – Part 3 – Oxwich

This is the third installment of my Summer Walks Throwback series, it is also the last installment which I hope to start up again next year.  As you know from my previous installments, I went away for 3 weeks in the summer and to 3 different places in my campervan, this is the final week of that time away.

I came back to the Gower area of South Wales and stayed in a lovely campsite above Oxwich Bay called Greenways Of Gower.  I chose this site as it had really good reviews and, again, allowed dogs on site.  It is a bit of a trek uphill from Oxwich Bay but isn’t too difficult a walk, though if you have small children or mobility issues then I would advise you to drive up and down from the site.  Oxwich Bay is not too far from Port Eynon where we stayed for the first week of our holidays, it was a nice walk to and from our site so we walked there and back a few times and we also spent quite a bit of our time walking along the beach, when the tide is out you can walk to Three Cliffs Bay!  We also walked along the headland and explored the pathways along the way.

Here are some photos of our week away at Oxwich Bay.

If you go down to the Gower where do you stay?

And now for yesterdays stats…How did I do?


I didn’t hit 10,000 steps but I did do 100 mins of housework which equates to around 7,200 steps which doesn’t show on my Jawbone app.  If you want to convert other activities into steps this site is really useful 🙂


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