Week 7 Overview

I have been thinking about how I write this part of my blog and have decided on a change of format.  I will begin this section by giving my total weekly stats and a breakdown as to how I have achieved this then give a day to day total and what happened that day to cause me to either meet, or not, my target. So here goes!

Wednesday 12th  10289 steps.  I went for a walk at lunch time  for 24 mins and covered 1.02 miles, taking 2515 steps and then in the evening I took Roxy around the block for a walk for 45mins and covered 0.57 miles, Roxy seemed to want to stop and sniff at everything so I only took 1496 steps.  The rest of my steps were taken up with moving around in work and at home.

Thursday 13th 7159 steps.  I went out for a walk at lunch time for 29 mins and covered 1.13 miles taking 2751 steps.  In the evening I didn’t go out for a walk as I went to visit my parents and had tea with them.  The rest of my steps were made in work and at my parents when I was playing with the dogs!  I knew that I would be under target today as I am fairly sedentary when at my parents and am always under my target on visit days in general.

Friday 14th  7320 steps.  I went out at lunch time for a 39 minute walk and covered 0.98 miles and taking a total 2396 steps.  I then went home after work and did a load of housework (a normal thing on a Friday)  Most of my steps were taken in work and at home when cleaning and tidying up.  I didn’t take Roxy out for a walk as she got exercise playing in the garden while I was cleaning.  If I factor in the time I was cleaning and converted that time into steps I would have been over my target of 10,000 steps.

Saturday 15th 10849steps.  We went out for my Birthday trip to Westonbirt Arboretum and walked around for 201 minutes, covering 2.44 miles and taking a total 6457 steps.  The rest of my steps were made up by walking Roxy around the block.

Sunday 16th 8860 steps.  Today was my Birthday!  I made up my steps while out shopping and taking Roxy out for a 44 minute walk where I covered 1.68 miles and took 3929 steps.  Hitting my target today seemed to be really easy as I didn’t need to make a conscious effort to take any steps, the arboretum was a lovely place to go to walk and my attention was held elsewhere than my feet!

Monday 17th 5305 steps.  I had my flu jab on Friday and today I think I had a bit of a reaction to it, I felt tired, achy and a bit sick in general.  I didn’t manage to get out for my lunch time walk as I wasn’t really feeling up to it and when I got home all I seemed to have energy to do was sit on the sofa with Roxy and not do much.  I am pleased I managed to hit 5305 steps though as I was imagining it to be much lower!

Tuesday 18th 10404 steps.  Today I went out for a walk at lunch for 29 minutes covering 1.18 miles and a total 2859 steps then in the evening I went out for a walk with Roxy for 39 minutes covering 0.93 miles and taking 2553 steps.  The rest of my steps were made up by doing some housework and in work.

All in all I am happy with my stats for the week.  I have made a total of 60186 steps which has covered 23.6 miles (or 37.98 kms) and done 450 minutes of exercise which isn’t that bad considering I haven’t been feeling too well!

And now for yesterdays stats, did I hit my 10,000 step target?


I did!  🙂


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