Summer Walks Throwback Part 2 -St Davids

In August I went on holiday for 3 weeks to 3 different places, the first was Port Eynon which I wrote about last week, today I am going to share my second weeks holiday with you.

I decided that we (my partner, Roxy and I) should get out of our comfort zone (we usually stay in and around the Gower over the holidays), so I booked us into a campsite called Celtic Camping in the Pembroke region of West Wales.  The campsite is lovely, it is situated on top of a hill which allows for panoramic views of the sea which are breath taking.  The campsite facilities are rough and ready but have hot showers and flushing toilets which is all you need really.  The site is quite eco friendly and there are facilities for all types of recycling and the bonus for us, which very few campsites allow these days, is open fires –  the rules are that they need to be contained in a fire pit (and there are plenty of them dotted around the site) and you need to be sensible with it, make sure it is out afterwards etc… the campsite even sells fire wood and kindling.  We made up a fire one evening and it was lovely to sit around and feel the warmth from it while watching the flames dance.  The site is a fair way from anywhere which encouraged us to do most of our exploring on foot.  The nearest place to the site is Abereiddy which is a small bay area, the sand is grey as it is made from slate.  Further around is a place called The Blue Lagoon which is an old mine that has filled with water, we saw lots of children doing coasteering from here.  Further around again is the fishing village of Porthgain.  This is a working fishing harbor which has a ton of history, it used to export slate out from the harbor and later turned to brick making and making crushed stone for road surfaces.  Large hoppers still line the harbor today.  We walked here a few times and had food in The Sloop Inn which is well worth a visit of you are in the area – the food and beers are lovely!

And now to share yesterdays stats…did I hit my target 10,000 steps?


I didn’t 😦  I did, however do an hour and a halfs worth of housework which, according to this site is the equivalent of 6480 steps!


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