Staying Safe

After yesterdays “episode” with loose dogs I thought it would be appropriate to talk a little bit more about safety, especially when there has been a lot written about individuals dressing up in clown outfits to scare people and with Halloween and Bonfire Night just around the corner.  If you read yesterdays blog you will have read how I decided to change my route to somewhere more built up in order to feel less vulnerable but I encountered some loose dogs that were not the friendliest, I gave the advice to make a lot of noise to startle and scare the dogs and to keep your eye on them as you back away slowly.  There are other situations which you may feel vulnerable and need to keep your wits about you and think about your safety.  The advice I can give you is…

  • Act Calm
  • Walk confidently
  • Have good posture – do not hunch up, hold your head high
  • Walk with Purpose (like you have somewhere to be)
  • Make Eye Contact, Smile and Say Hi
  • Avoid Arguments or Back Chat
  • Be Aware at all times

 If you feel threatened or someone is harassing you

  • Make a lot of noise – it might be worth investing in an attack alarm (also known as a rape alarm
  • Don’t back up into corners –  keep an exit path behind you
  • Walk or run to the nearest place where people are (a street, park, housing estate)
  • Alert authorities – others may be in danger if you don’t

Please, whatever you do, stay safe.

Now for yesterdays stats…Did I hit my target?


I did!  🙂


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