Tracking Your Stats

Tracking your stats is a good idea as you can see where you have not reached your target steps, ascertain if there is a pattern, identify reasons and keep a note of met target days. My jawbone app records the data on a day to day basis but I also enter it onto a spreadsheet so I can get a full picture of what is going on day to day and week to week. Using a spreadsheet allows me to see my steps per week so far and also add in reasons for not being on target.

I record Minutes Exercised , Miles Per Day (Total), Steps Per Day. I have calculations in the spreadsheet which convert the miles to KM’s and Weekly totals for each column as well as a monthly total that collates all data.

Here is a view of my spreadsheet for September…

This version works really well as I can see at a glance the steps I have taken and where I am with my targets due to the colour coded cells. I was, originally, using a different version to log my stats which you can see below… I changed how I collate my data as the old spreadsheet was to “busy” and difficult to read at times. The above one is a lot more streamlined to my needs. 

I like being able to see, at a glance where I have hit my target, where I haven’t quite hit it, and where I have been way off target and also the reasons for it. This helps me plan my next days walks and make plans to keep within my target goal which then leads to keeping me motivated to do better!

Do you track your stats on a day to day – week to week basis? If so, how?

Now for yesterdays stats…Did I hit my 10,000 Step target?

I did! 😀 


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