The Week After The Challenge – How I’m Doing

I can’t believe over week has passed since the end of my Walk All Over Cancer, 10,000 Step A Day challenge finished.  This week I have been a bit slower and rested more though I intend to start ramping back up my steps again in the upcoming weeks.

From the 1st October to 8th I have walked 62,492 steps (an average of 7,812 steps a day) and have covered approx 24 miles.  I hit 10,000 steps or above on 3 of the 8 days so am really surprised to see that my daily average isn’t that far below 10,000 steps.

Having a rest has helped me to re-strategise how I am going to start hitting my 10,000 step target in the coming months.  I start work between 8 and 9 Monday to Friday and finish around 5pm, the mornings are getting darker as are the nights and I’m not really keen on walking alone in the dark.  I have started to go for a half hour walk at lunch time which is adding 2500-3000 steps to my target before lunch, meaning that when I get home from work I only have around 4000 steps left to take.  This last 4000 steps should take me roughly 45 mins to obtain walking with Roxy.  I also manage to get steps in at home when getting changed and doing housework.  The other advantage of walking at lunch, which I have mentioned a few times before, is that I am getting time to clear my head, get some fresh air, wake up a bit and prepares me for the afternoon.

I never really thought that doing the Walk All Over Cancer challenge would have got me up and moving about and becoming more aware of my steps per day as it has done.  So, back to attempting to hit 10,000 steps a day again this month and forward!

And, now, for yesterdays stats…did I hit 10,000 steps?


I didn’t 😦 .  I met up with my friend who owns Roxy’s brother and we went down to a field near my house and let them have a run around outdoors for a few hours.  I didn’t really need to move much as she, and Rolo were chasing a ball about.  I am pleased that I have done more steps than I thought as I imagined I had only done around 3500 steps in total!


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