Awesome Autumn Walks

Today I am going to share with you some awesome walks that you can do in Autumn that really showcase what the season is about…. The change in colors of the leaves on the trees, the crisp freshness of the air and the mist that clings to the valleys…

Arboretums are one of the best for viewing the change in seasons and there are quite a few dotted around the UK.  An arboretum is a collection of lots of different types of trees, which as autumn approaches the trees come alive with a riot of colors.  Wrap up warm and head to one of these below!

Local parks are good for seeing in the change in season, with grassy areas and tree lined walkways, there is a lovely contrast between the rich bright autumnal tones of the leaves and the fresh green of the grass.  Why not head out for a picnic at one close by and have a look around the walkways?

Reservoirs and lakes are another good place to visit, especially on cold, misty, bright mornings during autumn.  The water can enhance the quality of the views with its cool, calm reflective nature.  How about packing a thermos of tea and your camera when heading out to visit one?

Woodland or wooded areas are lovely to walk around at this time of the year and you can kick and crunch through the fallen leaves along your walk.  Why not visit the woodland trust website and see what woodland areas are close by that you can explore?

And lastly, yesterdays stats…did I hit my goal of 10,000 steps for the day?


I did!  I headed out during my lunch break and went for a walk around the estate I work on and collected some conkers on the way!  🙂


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