Useful Websites for Walkers

This post follows on from the Useful Apps for Walkers blog that I posted on Tuesday. Just like apps and how useful they can be, I am going to share some sites that I have found useful in planning my walks.

The beauty of websites is that they can run on your computer at home and assist you with future walking route planning, research into routes or help you to discover new places to explore. They can inspire you at any time of the day or night and you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home! The other good thing is that they run on your mobile too (providing you have a signal and internet capabilities) so they can be used wherever you are!

The first site that I have found to be really useful is the NHS 10,000 Step Challenge site. This site has been really useful as it gives a lot of information about walking and getting fit, how to start and what kind of things you should consider.  This site was one of my first poets of call when I signed up to do the Walk All Over Cancer, 10,000 steps a day challenge and is one I keep going back to.

Ramblers is a useful site for anyone and everyone.

The Ordinance Survey website is one of my favourite places to visit when I have decided on a walking destination in a new area. Their site  hElla you choose the right map for the area you are visiting by finding the correct map based on a postcode or area search which you can then purchase online.  It also has an area for you to explore maps online and get an overall view of the selected area OS style.  There are other really useful things to discover in this site, like old maps of the area, which, if you are interested in history or fancy looking at what your town or area used to be like is worth checking out!

I stumbled upon by accident when I was searching for a route planner that I could use to work out walking route distances and timings for walks.  This site is really easy to use and you can use it to plot walking, cycling and driving routes.  You can either put in start and finish destinations and see where the program will take you or you can choose your start point and move it along to your destination going your own route.  I found this the most easy route planner as you can easily select pathways and other “off road” trails where some planners will only let you plan via roads.

Walk to the moon .  If you have been following me since the beginning of my step challenge for Cancer Reseaech UK you will have heard me talk about Walk To The Moon in one of my blog posts.  Walk to the moon is a really useful resource for converting more static exercises (or housework) into steps.  I used this when I fell short of my total steps one day but had done over an hours housework and wanted to know what the equivalent work out would have been in steps.  My old activity tracker would work out some of these conversions for me but my new tracker doesn’t.  This is a useful tool for me as I like to see what each activity equals step wise and stops me feeling so bad for not hitting my target steps but, it’s not something I want to use on a day to day basis to boost my step count as I feel that steps and other activity should be measured individually and not as a whole (and it feels a bit like cheating on the step count front).

Woodland Trust is the final site that as a walker I find really useful. I spend a lot of time walking through woodland and this site can help you to find new routes or woodland to go walking in.  The site also gives information about the types of trees you may encounter on your walks along with a whole host of other information.  I have discovered that there are a few woodlands not far from me that I never knew existed and are now on my list of walks to explore!!!

I hope this list proves useful for you and that you find it interesting and a good starting point!  There are lots and lots of different sites all dedicated to walking and resources for walkers so if you know of any others that may be useful, pop them into the comments section!

Now, did I hit 10,000 steps yesterday?

IMG_8473.PNGI did!!! I went for a walk at lunch time at work and then in the evening I took Roxy out for a walk!


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