How the Walk All Over Cancer Fundraising is Going…

On the blog today I was going to share with you how the Walk All Over Cancer fundraiser did countrywide but I think it is still to early to share any figures with you about how we all did as a team of fundraisers, people are still collecting their sponsorship money and getting it all paid in to the Cancer Research Uk’s account.  Instead I am going to share with you how I have done with raising money and what I have done to raise extra funds.

I have raised so far a total of £97 in sponsor money through taking my sponsor forms into work and getting my colleagues to sponsor me and by hosting a “Guess How Many Steps?” competition in work.  Colleagues paid £1 to enter and had to guess how many steps I would have completed by midnight 30th September – when the challenge finished.  The winner was to win a tub of Celebrations chocolates which I had purchased with my own money.  This proved really popular with my colleagues and was good fun.  I think in future I may run a competition once a week to guess the steps and have different prizes, or run the same competition towards the end of the challenge but have prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd closest guesses.

So, my total stands (at the moment) at £97, which I will round up to £100 with my own money.  If you would like to give to Cancer Research UK and help fund the incredible work that they do then you can do so over at my Just Giving page.  Any donations are really appreciated and go to help a valuable cause.

And now on to yesterdays stats…. Did I manage 10,000 steps?


I did!  🙂


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