What Next? Q&A’s

I thought it would be nice to answer some more questions that I have been asked since completing the Walk All Over Cancer, 10,000 step a day Challenge for Cancer Research including the most asked question”What Next?”

  • How do you feel now, after completing the challenge?

Completing this challenge is something I never thought would happen, especially in the last week where it seemed harder and harder to make 10,000 steps each day.  I am really proud of myself for persevering and seeing it through to the end.  There are health benefits that I am feeling too…I am feeling fitter and stronger than I have in a long time, I feel like I get out of breath less and that my mind is clearer.  I feel a lot calmer and more focused on what I m doing day to day, whether it be work, or things at home.  I have found I am sleeping better to.  So, all round I feel pretty great, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to take on this challenge, back a really important cause and be able to have taken advantage of health benefits that I didn’t really think about at the beginning of September!

  • What did getting to and crossing the last 10,000 steps feel like?

Before I headed out for my final walk to 10,000 steps on Friday I felt a bit sad that something was coming to an end, to have something in your life for a month is quite a big thing and for that to end made me feel quite deflated.  I also felt that I should be taking my final steps with my friends and family (though, in reality I should have organized this before the last day!)  I decided that I would pass the last 10,000 marker with my dog Roxy, after all, she had been there for each 10,000 step marker along the way, and what better way to close the challenge than with her?  I passed the last 10,000 steps on the cycle track at 7:02 pm.  I can’t quite describe how it felt, there was pride, a sense of amazement that I actually did it, elation and I couldn’t stop smiling!  Roxy and I actually did a little dance on the spot!  🙂

  • how did you mark the occasion?

I marked the occasion, right at that point in time by taking a selfie in the exact spot!  Later I treated myself to a hot shower and a bottle of white wine, a film and a snuggle on the sofa with Roxy and my other half!  The following day we went for food to celebrate too!

  • Are you going to keep walking and attempting to hit 10,000 steps a day?

I am going to try and keep up doing 10,000 steps, however I am not going to be pushing myself as hard as I did for September.  While I loved the challenge, I did find it hard going, there were days where I seemed to just be walking and walking.  I found that, in order to hit 10,000 steps I had to have a routine that was a bit unforgiving – getting home from work and going for an hour and half walks to get my steps in every night.  There didn’t seem to be space for all the other things I normally do, and I did feel that I had to cram a lot in to smaller amounts of time in order to achieve my day to day tasks.  I love walking, and I think its really good to have a target to hit but sometimes, its also good to have rest days.

  • Will you continue to blog and share your stats?

I am aiming to continue to blog and am currently putting together a plan of posts for 2017, these will be varied from reviews, question and answer sessions, sharing new walks, where I have walked, even recipe ideas.  I am aiming to continue to share my stats, whether that is weekly or daily though, I’m not sure (I haven’t really got that far planning wise!!!)  I do know I won’t be sharing them constantly to Instagram or my Facebook unless I do an amazing amount of steps!  I will just be sharing my stats here!

  • What next?

That’s a really good question, for now I am going to keep on walking, enjoying the outdoors, taking photos and blogging about walking!

If you would like to see any of my photos from walks or anything else that I take pictures of you can follow me on Instagram !

And, for the time being I shall still be sharing my stats daily!  So, here are my stats from Saturday!  I didn’t hit 10,000 steps – I decided to have a rest day!




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