Walking Essentials – My Favorite Products

Torch – My torch is by a company called Jolt, I bought it from TKMaxx in a sale after one Christmas, I can’t remember how much it was though.  It is super tiny and measuresaround 5cm in length.  It has a torch function and also a flash function.  I use the torch function in the dark when I need to see and the flash function when I need to make myself more visible (like when its misty or dull).  It has a super bright LED bulb and I was really surprised at how well it lit the path up infront of me at night.  It charges via USB which is really handy as you can charge it almost anywhere, and its really quick to charge up too.  Mine is bright orange but you can buy other ones here

Shoes – I bought a pair of proper walking boots not too long ago in a sale in Brecon.  I chose a pair of Vibram Hi Tec boots (similar to these Maipo ones) as I wanted something that would sit over my ankle bone, be supportive and waerproof whilst being comfortable.  These do not feel heavy on your feet which is something you want to look for in walking shoes, the heavier they are the more your manouverability is at risk and the more energy you will expend when walking.  I am able to use these to walk on most terrains except tiled floors when either my shoes or the floor are damp (as I found out walking into my kitchen from being out in a rainstorm!)  But aside from that they seem to be perfect.

Jacket – My jacket is a Volkswagen branded on that I bought at a Volkswagen show.  It is a light weight shower proof one with a lie flat hood.  I chose this style as its light and packs down quite small to fit into a bag, I can tie it around my waist or carry it if I dont need to wear it at the time.  My jacket is huge in size, it means that in cooler months I can still wear it but layer up with a hoodie or thick jumper underneath it, having this extra room also means that its quite cool to wear on warmer days over a t-shirt or vest.  Its similar to this one except mine has a mesh lining.

Walking clothes – To be honest I have not found a need for specialist walking clothes (yet!  I may change my mind as winter approaches though!!!)  I have found so long as what you wear is comfortable and suitable for the weather then thats good enough.  I tend to walk in shorts mainly, I have a lovely pair from Fat Face which are denim, these are really good in warmer weather, and I wear them regardless of rain or sun, there is nothing worse than being in the rain and having wet trousers to contend with that hinder your movement.  I will have to re-think this come winter time and maybe invest in some proper weatherproof walking trousers that don’t wick up moisture like jeans or other trousers.  I wear a normal vest top or t-shirt and a light weigh long sleeve top if its a bit chilly.  In colder weather, or when its really windy I will wear a hoodie.  Over the top of this I will wear my jacket if I need it or weather permitting.  I have found now, though, that I am starting to wear it more and more.

Roxy’s Harness, Lead and poop bags – I can’t not say anything about my walking companion’s kit can I?  Roxy wears a harness (here) from Three Peaks, I chose it for its bright orange colour, the reflective bits woven into the webbing and the fleece padding.  I find that she is more comfortable with a harness as opposed to wearing just a collar, it reduces her pulling and she seems happy in it.  Her lead is also by Three Peaks (here) I chose this for the handle, it has a padded handle which is really comfortable to hold and doesn’t bite into your skin or rub as much as other leads do.  And Roxy’s poop bags?  They are by a brand called Earth Rated, I bought these as I really like the company and the range of products that they make and that I can buy them in TKMaxx in big quantities!

And last but not least – my phone/camera…I use an Iphone 6 for all my apps, calls and texts, and much of the time use it to take images with!

Now for the all important stats reveal, did I hit my target yesterday?


I didn’t 😦  I was travelling to a show on saturday so didnt hit my target for this day.  The website for the Walk All Over Cancer fundraiser says “Don’t fret if you have an off day. You could always make the steps up on a nice weekend walk with the family – or just put in a bit of extra effort and make up the numbers across the next week.” which I will definitely be doing!

I am aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day for the whole of september in order to raise money for Cancer Research, if you would like to sponsor me or donate, you can visit my Just Giving page where a few clicks will see your donation added to the cause.


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