Health Benefits of Walking

There are loads of well documented health benefits of walking, you only need to Google it and up will come millions of blog posts, magazine and newspaper articles and health pages dedicated to “Getting Healthy by Walking”.  By now I think most people would know some of the health benefits, its not as high impact “sport” as running, it works your muscles etc… So, in this post Im going to talk about the health benefits of walking that I have noticed myself.

I have noticed that my breathing is getting easier.  Before I started walking and hitting 10,000 steps, I would regularly get out of breath even when doing the most simple of tasks (like going upstairs or walking a bit quick).

I have noticed that I am able to move easier, things like bending down to pick something up, climbing up something steep (like boulders), I don’t know if this is what you would call flexibility but it feels like my joints are becoming looser if you know what I mean?

I am becoming less of a quitter, I am more likely to stick to the plan of a long walk and not flake part of the way through, and completing the the targets I set myself which is then increasing my confidence in myself.

I am feeling like I’m not coming down with so many colds and viruses like I used to – I have a crap immune system, hayfever and suffer from migraines but since starting walking all of that seems to have settled down and I don’t feel like I am having as many episodes as before.

Mental health wise I’m feeling a lot happier, there is nothing better than coming home and putting on your walking boot and heading off into the great outdoors, discovering something new or just enjoying your surroundings to get rid of the work day blues.

I feel stronger and fitter, I have noticed that my leg muscles seem more toned and I am also sleeping better than I was before (and Im getting nearly 8hrs a night – and that is coming from someone who regularly suffers from insomnia!).  I have had so many fantastic times where I have really felt alive, and like Im not just living in the moment, I have immersed myself into it 100%, (feeling the rain soaking through my clothing on a hot summers day, the dog and I running for cover in the woods and getting covered in mud!), and there are not enough words to discribe the feelings I have felt without you having experienced those things too!  So, what are you waiting for, get your coat on and head out!!!

Now comes my stats reveal for yesterday… It feels weird to be talking about health and walking then share my stats with you… yesterday I wasn’t too well, we had been away for the weekend and I hadn’t felt too well all day, nothing I could put my finger on prescicely so I decided to stay home.  The good thing with this 10,000 steps a day challenge is ”

“Don’t fret if you have an off day. You could always make the steps up on a nice weekend walk with the family – or just put in a bit of extra effort and make up the numbers across the next week.
Read more at ” (Taken from the Cancer Research Fundraising page)
It means you can either bank steps or use future steps to balance out the deficit.
Anyway, on t0 the step reveal (gulp)
I was 3227 steps under my target, which is not too bad considering I was in the house all evening.
I am aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day for the whole of september in order to raise money for Cancer Research, if you would like to sponsor me or donate, you can visit my Just Giving page where a few clicks will see your donation added to the cause.

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