Tonight I am writing about terrain as I mentioned it in my post “Walking Routes – A Woodland Adventure” .  What is terrain you may be thinking?  A dictionary definition of terrain is “an area of land, when considering its natural features:” (thanks to The Cambridge Dictionary).  What this really means is any terminology that can be used to reference the type of land, for example :  Boggy, sandy, rocky, marshland, desert, dunes, bush, flat, hilly, clifftop.  All these words sum up what the ground is like.

Why is it important to know what the terrain type is like?  Terrain, as I said above, sum up what the ground is like which then, in turn, means that you have an idea of what to expect on your selected walks and how to prepare for them.  If the walk you are going on is rocky then you will need to be aware of your footing and wear sturdy shoes, if its boggy then you can expect the ground to be saturated with water and, possibly be muddy and difficult to cross, you will need waterproof boots and sometimes its even worth packing a spare pair of socks (just incase).  If the terrain is sandy, with dunes then it may be difficult to navigate and making progress may be slow.

Knowing and being prepared prior to the start of your walk will help you stay safe and make good progress, you can choose a terrain based on your fitness levels too.  Walking on tarmac is going to be a lot easier than walking over dunes or over rocks and hills.  If you are just starting out walking then I recommend starting off walking on smooth terrain before moving on to other, more demanding paths.

If you want to plan your walks and investigate the terrain types before heading out, I recommed buying an OS mp of the area and studying the chosen paths so you can plan accordingly what you will take, wear and how you will accomplish the walk.

And now its onto whether I managed 10,000 steps yesterday…


If you would like to sponsor me in my challenge of 10,000 steps a day (or Walk All Over Cancer) where I am raising money for Cancer Research, please visit my Just Giving page where a few simple steps will see your donation added to the charity!


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