Where I May Struggle

I’m writing this post as an acknowledgement that this 10,000 step a day challenge really is just that – a challenge.  If I was hitting 10,000 steps a day normally then this would not be a challenge and probably would not have appealed to me.  For me I want to be able to push myself and struggle at times, it makes each penny I raise for Cancer Research just that little more valuable.

This post focuses on where I may struggle on a day to day basis and is a way to have a contingency plan in place, options and ideas of hitting the target no matter what.

So, where I think I will struggle –

Weekends.  Most of my weekends are spent around the house doing housework and enjoying time off with my other half, chatting, cooking and chilling mainly!  Roxy tends to have shorter walks on the weekend which she doesn’t seem to mind. I plan to build into this time off on the weekends, walks that we can both go on and enjoy with Roxy.  I’m lucky that he doesn’t mind walks and we can go exploring together.  Yesterday we went on a walk together in the pouring rain and we both got soaked through but we had fun and I’m hoping we will have more times like this!

When I visit my parents in the week.  I tend to see my parents at least once a week, after work normally.  They live around 9km from me.  I usually drive to theirs, and hit around 4000 steps on a typical visit day, but I have already planned to walk instead to go and see them after work (hopefully I will be abole to get one of them to give me a lift home after!)

Fridays.  Friday is normally my “get the housework done” day.  I tend to clean the house and do the shopping so everything is nice for the weekend and we don’t really need to worry about hoovering or washing.  Roxy normally goes on a short walk.  I tend to do around 7000 steps on a typical friday.  I am planning to spread my housework over the week instead and go for a longer walk with Roxy in the evening so I can still hit my target!

Hopefully I will be able to implement these plans into my day to day life, and even after the challenge is over and be able to hit 10,000 steps every day!

Now its time for yesterdays stats reveal… did I hit my target of 10,000 steps even though it was the weekend?


I most definitely did!!!!  🙂  Going for a walk together helped!

If you would like to sponsor me in my challenge of 10,000 steps a day (or Walk All Over Cancer) where I am raising money for Cancer Research, please visit my Just Giving page where a few simple steps will see your donation added to the charity!


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