My Walking Buddy

In just a moment I will introduce you to my walking buddy but first I will explain what a walking buddy is.  A walking buddy is someone who accompanies you on your walks, maybe not for every walk but is there by your side for some of them at least.  A walking buddy is someone who motivates you and spurs you on when you feel like giving up, cheers you on (or up!) and helps you to achieve your goal.


My walking buddy is my dog, she is what gets me out and about every day and is with me on all of my travels.  This is Roxy, she is nearly 2 and is a staffie cross.  She loves exploring and getting muddy, long afternoon snoozes and snuggling under the duvet at night.  She is the perfect walking buddy as she is always ready for a walk.  These photos were taken on our walk tonight where we went through the woods and back home along the cycle track.  I took her on a reverse of one of the routes we usually do!  (I shall be sharing about my walk in my blog tomorrow!!!)

Now for the exciting bit!!!  My stats for yesterday…did I reach 10,000 steps?  See below…


Of course I did!!!  If you want to find out how I did with todays target of 10,000 steps then please visit the blog tomorrow!!!

I am raising money for Cancer Research by walking 10,000 steps a day for the whole of september, otherwise known as Walk All Over Cancer.  If you would like to support me in raising money for this cause please visit my Just Giving page and donate.  Any donation or sponsorship is greatly appreciated and ensures the work done by Cancer Research can continue.


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